Because pets are social beings, we take our time caring for them.

Daily Cat Care Pricing:

1-2 cats, $29.99 per visit
3-4 cats, $34.99 per visit

Add $5.25 more per visit for 5-6 cats

Includes litter box cleaning, food and water, playtime, and medications.

Minimum of once daily visits required for all cats.

petsitting minneapolis mnDog Care Pricing:

1 dog, $33.99 per visit
2 dogs, $39.49 per visit
3 dogs, $44.49 per visit

Each additional dog = $5.25 more per visit
Visits include potty break, walk, food and water, playtime, and medications.

Midday Dog Visit:

5% discount off of regular service rates

1 dog, $32.29 per visit
(must reserve 3 or more days per week)

Designed for dogs that need a break during the day and includes walk, potty break, and medications.

blackcatwithmutDaily Cat and Dog Care Pricing

1 dog and 1-2 cats, $40.99 per visit
2 dogs and 1-2 cats, $44.99 per visit

Each additional dog = $5.25 more per visit and 3 or more cats = $5.25 more per visit. 

Designed for pet owners who have a combination of dogs and cats and includes walk, food and playtime for dogs and food, playtime and litter box cleaning for cats.

Pet Sitting for Pocket Pets:

1-4 pocket pets = $29.99 per visit

5 or more pocket pets = $32.49 per visit

Pocket pets include all caged pets such as reptiles, small mammals, and birds.

If you have pocket pets as well as cats and/or dogs, please fill out our quote form for the most accurate rates.

Overnight Pet Sitting for Dogs & Cats:

$99 per visit (Price includes up to 5 pets. For additional pets, contact us for pricing.)
This is approximately a 12-hour pet sit and includes morning pet care.

Dependent on pet sitter availability and your location. Please contact us for more information. Currently our overnight availability is extremely limited.

We also offer a 14-hour overnight pet sit for $124.99.

Additional House Care Time:

$10.99 add on per visit (Price for 15 minutes. For additional time needed, contact us for pricing.)
This is an add on service to an existing pet sit request designed for minimal outdoor plant watering, more extensive indoor plant watering, or outdoor wildlife feeding. This could also be used for pets who require more time to be given medications.

Availability depends on date and location requested.

All pet care visits include bringing in the mail, taking down trash/recycling, alternating lights/blinds, turning on and off tv/radio, and minimal watering of indoor plants. If your home or plant care takes longer than 5-10 minutes, or if you’d like a small number of outdoor plants/wildlife feeders cared for, we request that you add the “Additional House Care Time” to your service request.

*Minnesota sales taxes not included in above pricing

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