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You’ve already picked out a dress, chosen a venue, and finalized the menu. But have you thought about incorporating your pet into your wedding? 

The recent surge of pet-friendly weddings has given couples more opportunities to include their furry friends on their big day. After all, they are a precious part of the family and deserve to be part of the celebration! Fortunately, there are lots of fun and creative ways to ensure your pet has a purr-fectly paw-some time as they join you in saying your “I do’s”! 

Here are just a few ideas to get you started:

Have Them Serve as Ring Bearer or Flower Girl

Some couples opt for their doggo to be a ring bearer – an adorable addition that will bring out plenty of “awws” from guests! Some furry friends are happy to carry a small pillow with rings attached, while others may be more comfortable wearing a specially-made collar or neckerchief with the rings tucked into it. 


Alternatively, you could simply have them join you as part of your entourage when walking down the aisle. Your kitty could be your flower girl, with a cool cat collar adorned with flowers or even a basket of petals they can carry. Just imagine how cute they’d look, showing off their flower power!

Incorporate Them Into Your Pre-Wedding Shoot

Before walking down the aisle, why not have your pet join you for a pre-wedding photoshoot? If it’s in a venue outside of your home, do an advance visit with your pet and the photographer to ensure your pet is comfortable in the new environment. 


You could have them sit beside you, give you a smooch for the camera, or even bring some of their favorite toys or props. This way, you’ll be able to capture lasting memories with your furry best friend on one of the most special days of your life.

Set Up a Pet-Friendly Photo Booth 

Since you have already done the pre-wedding shoot, why not go all out and set up a pet-friendly photo booth during the actual reception? You can set it up with a lovely backdrop and props, like hats or bandanas – whatever your pet is willing to try.


You could also provide guests with dress-up options for their pets, such as flower crowns or bow ties. This adds extra fun and lets them get creative in the photos!

Add Pet Accents to Your Decorations

Incorporating your pet’s favorite colors or toys into your decorations can be a fantastic way to make them part of your most-awaited day. A few pet-inspired touches like pawsome centerpieces, paw print confetti, or even mini tuxedo and bridal gowns for your furry friend’s stuffed animal can be a cute nod to them in your décor!

Let Them Be Part of Your Vows

The wedding vows are an incredibly significant part of the ceremony, so why not make them extra unique and memorable by incorporating your pet? You might start off your vows by saying something like “I, (name), take you, (name), to be my partner, and I vow to love our little Fido too.


Or, if you’ve got multiple pets in the family, you could promise to love them equally and always be there for all of them. This heartfelt gesture can make your vows more meaningful and show how much you cherish your furry family members. 

Include Them in Your First Dance

The first dance is a romantic moment between you and your partner – but what’s stopping you from including your pet in this tradition? You can have them come to the dance floor and join you during the song – they don’t need to be trained or know how to waltz! Just spin around with them in your arms or pick them up for a twirl, and it’s sure to be an unforgettable memory.

Have Them Participate in the Reception

If your pet is well-behaved and loves people, consider letting them help with some reception activities. For instance, you can have them join in handing out seating cards or lend a paw in greeting guests as they arrive. Or, if they can be trusted around food and drinks, your cutie pie could even be part of the cake-cutting ceremony! Just be sure to always have a designated handler beside them, so they don’t get overwhelmed.

Here are a few things to take note of…

No matter how excited you are to include your pet in your wedding, make sure that their safety and comfort come first. From giving them regular breaks throughout the day to ensuring they get plenty of water and snacks, you must keep their well-being in mind every step of the way.


In addition, be sure to ask your venue if they are pet-friendly, as not all places may be willing to allow animals. You can also do a quick check of the area to ensure there aren’t any potential hazards or other animals that could cause your pet any distress.


Of course, it’s best to inform your guests in advance that a pet will be present, so they can make preparations of their own. This also sets everyone’s expectations and helps minimize potential stress or anxiety for your fur baby.

Wrapping Up

Your furry best friend has been there for you through thick and thin, providing unconditional love and occasional comic relief. As you turn over a new chapter in your life, don’t forget to give them a chance to be an important part of your big day. 


Now go ahead and make all your pet-friendly wedding dreams come true! Have fun and happy planning. 


Which of these pup-ular ideas do you think would be best for your own wedding? Let us know in the comments section!


Contributing Author: Sophia Young recently quit a non-writing job to finally be able to tell stories and paint the world through her words. She loves talking about fashion and weddings and travel, but she can totally go from fashion guru to your friendly neighborhood cat lady with mean budgeting skills and home tips real quick.

woman in gray hoodie bends down to kiss white and brown puppy on nose

Image by Pexels


Congratulations on bringing home your new best friend. Here are some important things you’ll need to know right at the beginning.


Determine Which Type of Pet to Adopt

 Cats can be left alone for longer periods of time since most cat owners keep a litter box for them to use. Dogs will need more trips outside to eliminate so cannot be left alone for more than a few hours at a time. Dogs can be perfectly happy living in a small space, but they will still need outdoor exercise. Cats get their exercise through play, like stalking toys or leaping up to high places like your cabinets or cat climbers. Cats are generally cheaper to own as pets as well, since they are independent by nature and care for themselves. Dogs require higher expenses like more costly grooming, toys, training classes, daycare, and vet bills.


If you decide on a dog, choosing the right dog for your family is as important for them as for you. For families, you want a dog with an even temperament. Dogs that get too nervous might not be a good fit for families with young children but can work perfectly in a home with a retiree who is looking for a companion. At the same time, a large, rambunctious dog may be too much for small children, knocking them over with their enthusiasm.


Even if you’re considering only purebred dogs, don’t count out mixed breeds. Mixed breeds often provide the best traits of two or more great breeds in one dog. Adopting a pet can mean literally saving their life. Also, you’re able to get some great information from shelter staff who have been interacting with the dogs in their care and let you know more about their personalities.


Make Preparations

Bringing home a new pet is an exciting time but there are some important preparations to make beforehand to ensure its comfort and safety. Purchasing the relevant supplies, such as food, toys, bedding, and medical care is paramount (seek product reviews from veterinarians to find high-quality items). Planning where your pet will stay when you’re away is also essential – whether at home with a family member or pet sitter, or in external boarding facilities. Additionally, setting up an appropriate routine for feeding, exercise and playtime is crucial – as this will help create a happy and comfortable environment for your pet.


Find Healthy Food

Feeding your pet a nutritious diet is an important part of their health and wellbeing. Look for foods that are high in proteins and low in preservatives or artificial additives. To cater to the individual needs of your pet’s breed or lifestyle you may want to talk to your veterinarian about the best nutrition options for your new pet. Putting kibble dog food on the menu can keep your pet healthy and boost their energy.


Bring Your Pet Home

When you bring a pet home, look for cues for how they are adapting. If your pet seems timid, try to be as calm as possible in their presence. Sit in the same room reading a book (the noise from a TV might be frightening) and let them come to you. If your pet is full of energy and ready to play, then go for it, as this can be a great way to bond.


Bring them to a veterinarian as soon as possible. Even though your new pet may appear perfectly healthy, you should have them examined as soon as possible. Your veterinarian may be able to detect issues that aren’t outwardly noticeable, such as a subtle skin condition or a congenital heart murmur. They can also answer your questions regarding care and feeding.


Additional Tips

Pet insurance can be a wise investment since veterinarian bills can become quite costly if emergencies occur. Nearly 4 million U.S. dogs and cats had pet insurance in 2021. Premiums may vary significantly based on your pet’s age and breed, the cost of veterinary care where you live, and the insurance policy you choose.


Pets are great at relieving stress. Just petting furry friends is enough to lower your blood pressure and improve your mood. But did you know that your own stress and anxiety can affect them? While anxiety in pets can be caused by various factors, such as a change of address, introducing another new pet, or a past experience, it is also possible your general mood is affecting their well-being.


If you’re working long hours, leaving them alone for too long can cause them to feel anxious. Hire a pet sitter from Whiskers to Tails Petsitting to come in routinely to make sure they’re okay and take them outside to play or for a walk. Then, when it’s time to go away for extended visits, like vacations, your pet will already have someone they know and are comfortable with, too.


Choosing the right pet, understanding the commitment you’re making, getting the right care for them, finding nutritious food, and keeping them stress free, can ensure a lifetime of mutual joy, happiness, and fulfillment.


Guest Author: Linda Robinson is a working mom who dabbles in photography and French cooking in her spare time. She created her website,, to connect with other parents who work to bring out the best in their kids by encouraging them to chase their dreams and forgiving themselves when they fall short.