Our path to becoming professional petsitters

Mike Drahota and Linda Deml-Drahota

Mike Drahota and Linda Deml-Drahota

What pet owner hasn’t lost sleep over what to do with their pets when they travel?

As owners of a dog and a cat, we’ve faced that issue ourselves…

We tried sending our dog to another friend’s home. He didn’t eat the whole time we were gone. We tried sending our cat to the vet for boarding. He threw up in his crate. Obviously we needed a better option — so our pets could stay at home without the hassle of going somewhere else.

Inspired by a good experience

That’s when we tried in-home pet sitting, and we’re glad we did! Both Parker our Shih Tzu and Studley our tabby cat were happy and healthy when we returned. What a relief to see their happy faces and read the updates our in-home pet sitter left us!

Linda finds her calling in pet-sitting

That experience inspired Linda to look into part-time work as a professional pet sitter. She’s never looked back. In fact, it’s her full-time pursuit now, and she learns something from every new pet and client she works for. She has a background in journalism/communications from the University of Minnesota and an MBA in Management from St. Thomas University, so pursuing an entrepreneurial career was a logical choice.

Mike and Linda team up to improve the pet-sitting experience

Then her husband, Mike, got interested. He has a background in business and residential mortgage lending, a highly regulated industry. Mike brings his experience in regulatory compliance and handling personal financial information to our business. He understands the importance of building trust and strong relationships and serves as a pet sitter and consultant.

So with both of us involved in pet sitting, it seemed like the perfect time to make the transition official. We set up shop as Whiskers To Tails Petsitting, an in-home pet sitting business with a new twist – using technology to take in-home pet sitting to the next level. 

We hope you join our client family soon! Get started

• Whiskers to Tails Pet-sitting is in-home and all-inclusive with exercise & medications.

• We’re the safest & most trusted option, all of our sitters have had background checks.

• Our clients have their own portal to login for pet care.