9 Amazing Christmas Gift Ideas for Your Dog 

We know that you’ve been spoiling your fur baby throughout the year, but Christmas is an extra-special time. You may want to take your gift giving up a notch, but searching online for “Christmas gift ideas for your dog” could be overwhelming. 

Fortunately, you don’t have to go through all of those searches! We’ve put together a list of the ideal gifts for your dog this Christmas. Here you will find some of the best accessories, treats, games, and grooming products. 

Don’t forget to get the camera out to celebrate your pooch or kitty with their new gift on Christmas Day!

tan puppy sitting in front of a letter to santa

Photo by Karsten Winegeart on Unsplash



Dog bed: Like people, your dog also needs a bed to stay healthy and warm. The right bed should suit your dog’s unique characteristics. If you have a senior dog or a large breed, they need a cozy bed, so get one that has interlocking fill materials to cushion and support their bones and joints. If you have a pup, a comfortable bed inside a crate would also be great. It encourages the pup to sleep through the night.


Winter coat: The words “winter is coming” could send a chill down your spine if your dog is not a large, furry breed. Small, short-haired breeds like the Chihuahua and the French Bulldogs, or lean-bodied breeds with short hair, like the Greyhound and Whippets, should be protected from the winter chill. This Christmas, get a winter coat gift for your dog. Pick one that is large enough to cover from the base of the neck to the tail.


A smart collar: Getting a dog collar as a Christmas gift for your pooch may sound cliche. But not if it is a homing, tracking, and identifying device. This winter, get your dog a collar with a GPS tracker and a beeper. Should your four-legged buddy stray away from the “safe zone,” the collar will alert you, and you can track him from wherever you are. 


Treats and snacks

Training treats: We have to be honest. Giving your pup random treats on Christmas could be confusing to them. Instead of feeding your dog all those treats in one day, consider stocking up for the new year. Think about all the stuff your furry buddy will learn. Experts advise that a high rate of reinforcement will help your pet to grasp new behaviors fast. So, pick treats that are tasty and easy to gobble. It will help your dog stay focused and interested in future training sessions.


Homemade meal:  Just as you love a homemade meal during Christmas, consider giving your dog the same home-y treatment. Think about all the turkey you will have at home that you’ll need to eat or use up. Your furry buddy would also enjoy a homemade turkey dinner. Besides, cooking for your pet may be an excellent way to unwind during the holidays.


Grooming gifts

Of course, your dog should look and smell great on Christmas. Consider spoiling your dog with a spa treatment at home. But you don’t have to stop there. Make grooming fun and exciting in the future by purchasing a new grooming kit. This Ceenwes grooming kit has a variety of guide combs, a hardy blade that cuts through matted hairs, nail clippers, and nail grinders. If you combine it with this handy dog shower attachment, grooming will be easier and more fun for both you and your pet.

tan terrier smiling at camera while being brushed

Photo by Abbie Love on Unsplash


Games, toys, and gadgets 

A smart toy: Think out of the box and get your dog an extraordinary Christmas gift like a wicked bone. It is a “smart” bone-like toy that can interact and play with your dog when you are not around. It can jump, chase, tease and respond to your pup’s sounds and moods. It’s the perfect gift for your dog this Christmas. 


Bowlingual voice gadget: Interacting with your dog is typically easy. However, when you start using words they don’t understand or your pup barks frequently, time with your pooch can degenerate from fun to frustration. Now there is a gadget to try to help you understand what your dog means when he growls, barks, or makes other sounds – the bow lingual dog bark translator. It’s a great Christmas gift for your dog, especially if you would like to enhance communication. So, give dialogue a chance and try it out. 


Lastly, unwrap the gifts together: Unwrapping gifts is the perfect game to play with your pup this Christmas. Just imagine how much fun your dog will have tearing away into the gifts. Make sure your pup doesn’t eat any of the wrapping! And after you finish, roll up the papers into a ball and play a game of fetch. Give your dog the best Christmas gift you can – quality time.


Contributing Author: Emila Smith is a freelance journalist and blogger with a love for those with four legs! She has grown up around animals and pets and wants to use her knowledge on pet behavior, training and lifestyle tips to help other pet parents live the best possible life with their furry friend.