5 Things to Know before Hiring a Cat Sitter

When hiring a cat sitter, you want your feline friend to stay safe while you’re away – although we’re sure you already knew that! While there’s usually a million things to plan for an upcoming vacation or business trip, from hotel reservations, plane tickets and more, making sure your cat is cared for is probably at the top of your list.  

So, are you worried about finding a cat sitter that’s compatible? Whiskers to Tails Petsitting is here to help you with what you need to know before hiring a cat sitter.

1) Know Your Cat’s Special Needs

Most cats thrive in quiet environments where they can be independent. A boarding facility can put stress on your cat and expose him to contagious diseases. Consider your cat’s personality; do you think that he’d be better off in his own home, where he’s comfortable and with a person that he’s familiar with? If so, forego the boarding facility and reach out to a professional pet sitting company.

Does your cat have any medical conditions or anxiety issues? A cat sitter is better suited to provide the one-on-one attention your cat may require to stay healthy. It’s also much easier to check in with a cat sitter to see how your cat is doing. You may even be able to get text or email updates throughout the day with photos and video.

2) Know Who Your Applicant Is

It’s imperative that you find a sitter who both you and your cat are comfortable with. This person will be entering and staying in your home, feeding and possibly providing medication to your cat, and dealing with any emergencies while you’re gone. Because of this, it’s good to start your hiring process at least a month before you officially leave town. That way, you can meet multiple sitters if needed and give deeper consideration to each of your candidates.

Look around for reviews online and ask for personal references. Additionally, have them visit your home and interact with your cat to ensure compatibility. This gives you the opportunity to ask any questions you may have to ensure the applicant is the right person for the job.

3) Know which Questions to Ask Your Applicant

When you’re meeting with an applicant, it’s important to know which questions to ask so you can determine if they’re qualified to watch your cat. Here are some questions that you should ask any potential candidate:

  • What do your rates include? For example, are dog walks included, or is that extra? Is there an extra charge for giving the pets medications?
  • Are you licensed, insured and bonded to protect my pet and home from any accidents?
  • Are you available to care for the pet full-time or do you only offer “visits”? For example, a cat sitter might have certain hours where they check in on the cat, but don’t provide 24/7 care.
  • Will you be the only person who will be visiting my home and interacting with my cat?

4) Know the Power of Insurance

It’s good practice for a professional cat sitter to carry pet sitting insurance. Pet sitting insurance covers things like property damage caused by the pet sitter, injuries to your pet or vandalism/theft of your property. While these occurrences are rare, it’s good to have that peace of mind when you’re out of town.

Another great credential for a cat sitter to carry is a pet sitting license. This license means that the sitter has paid the city or county to be registered as a local business, showing that they’re reputable.

5) Know Your Budget

It’s important to discuss your budget and fees with your cat sitter so both parties know what to expect. Will your sitter visit twice a day or stay at your house full-time? Will the sitter provide grooming or walking services? Will she clean up accidents, water the plants or take out the garbage? Are you financially able to pay for a veterinary bill should an emergency happen?

These are all things you should consider when talking about the budget with your sitter.

Good Luck with Hiring Your Cat Sitter!

If you’re worried about finding a sitter that will provide the attention your cat deserves, make sure you keep this list handy as you’re going through the process.
From traveling to accommodations, you have enough to worry about with your upcoming trip. Hire a professional cat sitting company and get the peace of mind that you’re searching for while you’re away. Safe travels!