Our Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it. Take the word of our many satisfied clients who continue to use our Minnesota pet sitting services every time they travel.

Excellent service every time.

Carol A., Maple Grove, MNSubmitted Nov. 2017

Excellent – our dogs love everyone who has walked them. It has been consistently mainly one person, and a couple people fill in. Everyone is very kind, loves and knows how to work with pets. And our dogs love them and the visits! Really enjoy the updates during the visits as well. Professional service that takes pride in the high level of service they provide. Can’t recommend them enough!

Gregory C., Maple Grove, MNSubmitted Nov. 2017

Excellent. I found Whiskers To Tails Petsitting on Angie’s List. I am extremely satisfied with the ongoing service they provide. I know my boys are always well cared for. I get reports for every visit as well as the overnight services. Lots of pictures, so I have visual confirmation that they are happy when I’m not able to be with them.

Jacqueline G., Fridley, MNSubmitted Nov. 2017

The sitters must have truly pampered my kitties because they did not stress out or act frantic when I returned. Even my shy kitty who sometimes refuses to come out at all for visitors was won over by the second visit. I could tell they had brushed my kitty’s coat well by how soft it felt when I returned. There were no clumps of dirty litter in the litter box, which is important because I have two cats with only one big box in my one-bedroom condo. I would definitely recommend Whiskers To Tails Petsitting to anyone who is particular about how their cats are treated while they are away.

Ruth S., Minneapolis, MNSubmitted Nov. 2017

Christina is an extraordinary pet sitter – well qualified and very caring. She makes sure my pets have fresh food, water, daily grooming and playtime. In addition, she sends an email and photos to me each day. Because of Christina, I have been able to travel with absolutely no worries about the house or my precious cats. Whiskers To Tails is an A++ organization and I am so grateful to have found them!

Leanne P., Cedar, MNSubmitted Nov. 2017

We’ve hired the pet sitter for 2-10 day trips, and she takes great care of our dogs. She sends daily emails and photos.

Angela F., Bloomington, MNSubmitted Nov. 2017

Whiskers to Tails is fantastic! Our cat is very, very shy and very particular about who she likes and does not like. If she does not like you, she just hides under the bed, and there is nothing you can do to get her to come out. We took it for granted in the past that our cat would just hide from the sitter and would only come out to eat and go to the bathroom and would be very unhappy when we came home. Not anymore! Whiskers To Tails have such qualified, caring, professional and patient staff that our cat came out for the sitter within 15 minutes of the visit. She loved the sitter! They are so professional they even send daily emails and videos to show us how things are going while we’re away. We have such peace of mind to know that our cat is well cared for while we are away. We could not be happier! There is nothing more gratifying than coming home to our beloved cat and see her happy and relaxed. We would wholeheartedly recommend Whiskers To Tails to anyone as we have used their services three times already and they are the only pet sitters we use.

Erwin B., Rogers, MNSubmitted Nov. 2017

Our sitter did a great job while we were away for a week. Our two kitties were very happy.

Bob G., Minnetonka, MN

We really love our cat sitter, and so do our cats! She does a great job and lets us know about how they’re doing after each visit (twice a day).

James O., Fridley, MNSubmitted Oct. 2017

They do the best job! The business is competently run from beginning to end. Our dogs are well cared for every single time and the visits are thoroughly documented including photos and videos making it easier to be away. We have depended on them to help us out, and they take it seriously as well as providing an enjoyable experience for our dogs. The dogs are relaxed and happy when we return, and we couldn’t ask for more than that!

Carrie L., Orono, MNSubmitted Oct. 2017

Great! We’ve relied on Whiskers To Tails for several years, and have always been impressed with their service and professionalism. We trust them completely with our pets and home.

Michael & Mary R., Plymouth, MNSubmitted Oct. 2017

Whiskers To Tails takes excellent care of my two cats. When I come home, I know my kitties will be happy and confident because Camille gives them lots of time and attention. One of my cats is very shy, and Camille has gained her trust–not an easy feat! She sends updates, pictures and videos so I feel in touch. I highly recommend Whiskers To Tails and will always trust them with my kitties.

Emily K., St. Paul, MNSubmitted Oct. 2017

They do an excellent job with our dog Lucy. They love her like she’s their own, provide detailed recaps of the walk (sometimes including pictures) and Lucy really looks forward to their arrival. On top of that, they’re very punctual and respectful of our time and wishes. Overall, we couldn’t be happier!

Andrew M., Plymouth, MNSubmitted Oct. 2017

Willa absolutely ADORES Mike! I have complete confidence in Mike and the other staff that they are dependable, take wonderful care of Willa, and are safe in securing my house up. A huge plus is that all scheduling and payment is done online. AND they are so quick at confirming dates and times of request–even a last-minute, same-day request!! Who else does that? They are certainly not cheap, but worth it, considering I know that Willa is in safe hands. Oh, one more added perk: Mike sends me either a fun video of his visit with Willa, or great pics of their outings!! So nice to receive these when I am gone!

Caryn Z., Minnetonka, MNSubmitted Oct. 2017

Fantastic service. We have two young cats. We arranged for two visits per day over Thanksgiving week. Dee was very attentive to their needs. She’s very knowledgeable of cat behavior. She dispensed treats by making them ‘hunt’ for them. She also posted photos and a video of them playing and brought in the mail. We will definitely continue to use this pet sitting service.

Rochelle A., Roseville, MNSubmitted Oct. 2017

We’ve always had good service from Whiskers To Tails including getting texts with pictures to let us know all is well at home.

Heidi H., Mineapolis, MNSubmitted Oct. 2017

We had a large, unpredictable dog that we had been afraid we wouldn’t be able to find anyone to look after if we were out of town. I’d read good reviews on Angie’s List, so we decided to take a chance. Margaret came over to meet our dog and our cats and made friends with our dog surprisingly fast. We had Margaret watch over our pets a couple of times over the past year, and she took wonderful care of our pets each time, sending daily update emails with photos.

Kathleen S., Bloomington, MNSubmitted Oct. 2017

Wonderful as always. Mike always spends quality time with my cat – brushes her and plays with her. He also changes her litter box, replaces her water with fresh water and gives her fresh food and treats. And, he takes pictures of her and emails them, so I can see how she is doing. Couldn’t ask for better service.

Richard D., Golden Valley, MNSubmitted Oct. 2017

I have been consistently impressed with Whiskers To Tails’ professionalism (quick responses, well trained and experienced pet sitters), convenience (easy online system to request services, pay bills and make special requests) and overall quality of care for our cat while we’ve been away. We particularly love that their team not only sends texts and pictures, but also can provide short videos. We have already scheduled our 2017 holiday pet sitting with them!

Ben L., Minneapolis, MNSubmitted October 2017

Leaving my special needs cat Sally for an extended time was really traumatic for me, but after meeting Christina I was put at ease. She took control on her twice daily visits and related any concerns she observed so I could then give her feedback to understand my Sally’s routine and idiosyncrasies. Her daily texts or emails were detailed and the by-weekly videos showed that they were very comfortable with each other so she could give her all the attention my Sally desired. I would recommend Christina to any cat lover, and will definitely request her services to look after my best friend the next time I am away! Thanks to Christina and Whiskers To Tails.

Thomas J., Coon Rapids, MNSubmitted March 2017

Whiskers To Tails has been the BEST dog sitter we have found for our two pugs. Look no further. We are picky people and have many details to follow with the care, and Whiskers To Tails has been the most trustworthy, professional, and attentive. I can trust them to take good care of the dogs, and the updates during the visits are excellent. We have been using them for several months now, almost 5 days a week. Our oldest pug of 12 years even has a newfound energy and drive for going outdoors and walking with Whiskers to Tails care. We are very grateful for the high level of service provided and the peace of mind knowing our dogs are in good hands! We highly recommend this company.

Greg C., Maple Grove, MNSubmitted March 2017

We cannot adequately express how happy we are with Kim being our pet sitter. Our cat Mizuki is so particular and so very shy – either she likes you or she doesn’t. In the past we have had other cat sitters (other companies) who stayed overnight many times, sometimes two weeks straight, for a long vacation and Mizuki never came out for them. She would hide under the bed, would wait until the sitter was gone and then she would come out to eat or do her business. Consequently, when we came back from vacation we found a very unhappy cat as if we had abandoned her; crying and all that. With Kim, completely different. From the very first visit, Mizuki came out within 15 minutes for her, and we can see in the pictures or video Kim provides just how happy Mizuki is with her. We really appreciate how Kim pampers her and treats her, because that is what we do. When we get home it is very uneventful with Mizuki, as if a different family member had stayed over while we were gone. Mizuki is like our little daughter, so we are extremely happy with the work Kim does for us.

Erwin B., Rogers, MNSubmitted February 2017

I wanted to thank you and your company for the excellent care Lenny and Hazel received while I was in Massachusetts with my family. The biggest thank you goes to Natalie who is phenomenal. She was fantastic with the kitties and updated me twice daily with texts or emails. She even filmed them and sent the footage to me, which I greatly appreciated. We communicated so often during my absence that I wasn’t lying when I told her that she had been my best xmas gift – because she was so loving, thorough and thoughtful. I didn’t worry about my cats at all. Natalie clearly loves animals and understands people who love their pets. I will highly recommend your company for kitty care. My veterinarian was right when she recommended you. She knew the kitties and I would be more comfortable having someone come take care of them in their home.

Rhonda L., St. Paul, MNSubmitted Jan. 13, 2017

We don’t have the easiest dog (personality wise) and we certainly don’t have easy schedules. Whiskers to Tails have been amazing about looking after our pup, sometimes at short notice which has been very very much appreciated! They have always been extremely professional about bringing on someone new, making sure it was a good fit with our dog, and that they knew her routines. It’s not sexy…but we were also happy that they outlined the insurance they carried. For the dog walking, they always sent us a report, with a photo of our dog included. For the overnight stays they gave full updates each day, and we felt extremely comfortable with the staff who looked after our home and our pup. We highly recommend Whiskers to Tails. They were a little more expensive than some other services that we have used, but they are certainly the highest quality and I would not hesitate to have them in your home, or with any of your furry family members.

Nicole M., Fridley, MNSubmitted November 2016

The pet sit went great and I will gladly use them again! My cats really took to Jennifer and I appreciated how she treated them and our house with respect and care. Worth
every penny!

Wendy S., Dayton, MNSubmitted October 2016

I can’t speak highly enough of the wonderful woman who has taken care of our cat.  I have now asked for her numerous times – since we travel on weekends quite a bit.  She is amazing.  Kind, sweet, attention to detail, and my cat adores her.  There was an incident last winter where my cat was missing for several days and she came over and helped me put up posters to help find her.  She has been beyond wonderful.

Paula B., Minneapolis, MNSubmitted October 2016

These folks are the best. They took care of my dog as if it was their own. Sent texts and pictures while taking him for a walk. I highly recommend them.

Steve A., Plymouth, MNSubmitted October 2016

As always, they provided top-notch care for my senior cat.  Due to his age and declining health I have been reluctant to leave him for too long. Thanks to Whiskers To Tails, I am now comfortable going on vacation, knowing he will be well taken care of.  In addition to feeding him and keeping his litter box clean, they also emptied the dehumidifier every day and brought in the mail, garbage bin, and dry cleaning.  Although I declined their offer to send me a video, I received a text message every day with a detailed update. On a past visit, my sitter went above and beyond when I accidentally locked her out of the house.  She waited around until we could find a locksmith that could come out and drill through the lock.  I have used Whiskers To Tails on several occasions and have been extremely happy with their service.  I highly recommend them.

Darby A., Maple Grove, MNSubmitted October 2016

Everything was clean, neat and well taken care of when we returned. I feel very comfortable having Jennifer come into our home. She is thorough and not afraid to ask questions so that everything is done exactly like we want it. I’ve used Whiskers to Tails for 3 years now. The first time I called them I was in a panic because my regular person had cancelled on me a week before a planned vacation. I went to Angie’s List and found Whiskers to Tails. The reviews were very positive so I called. Even at that late date they did their best to work us into their schedule. I was so relieved. Things went so well we’ve been using them ever since. It’s a good feeling going away knowing your little friend left at home is being well cared for.

Darlene S., Minneapolis, MNSubmitted October 2016

My puppy LOVES Mike. How do I know? When Mike came to my home recently to introduce me to Margaret, the newest member of my puppy’s care team, my puppy went CRAZY with excitement when she saw Mike. That is truly the best review of how this service is performing!! Another great way to know how your pet sitter is, is to see the wonderful ciao clips or photos they send me of their visit. My puppy always appears very very well cared for!!

Karen Z., Minnetonka, MNSubmitted October 2016

Our cat got more time, attention, grooming and socialization than he gets when there are five people in the house! Dee was our pet sitter and she sent notes, pictures, and funny stories about the cat. He was very well cared for. We’d paid less for a high school student to take care of our cats the year before, but he accidentally let them out of the house and they roamed the neighborhood for a week while we tried to manage their rescue from out of the country. We realized you get what you pay for and decided to hire a professional from now on. We were totally pleased with Dee and Whiskers to Tails. Very easy online scheduling/rescheduling, too.

Elisabeth O., St. Paul, MNSubmitted October 2016

Our pet sitter does an excellent job for us. Since our cats are elderly we feed different diets with different treats for each one. She is able to keep everything straight and my cat box is never cleaner! She has even more success with our “problem kitty” than my husband does in getting her pilled and getting her to eat. We rely on Margaret to give us the peace of mind that things are okay at home when we are away. She even sends fun updates and pictures.

Andy & Tonia N., Minnetonka, MNSubmitted October 2016

Claire of Whiskers to Tails has taken care of our pets and house for years and is very conscientious and reliable. Owner Linda is always prompt in responding to our many emails. We feel comfortable entrusting our home and pets to Whiskers to Tails and are able to vacation knowing all will be well at home.

Michael R., Plymouth, MNSubmitted October 2016

I have used this pet sitting service 5 or 6 times in the last few years and have always had a positive experience. It is very easy to request services from their website and they are very responsive. Customers can get emails and/or videos for each visit which is nice. I always feel my pet is being well cared for while I am gone, which is a big relief. I highly recommend this company.

Judith C., St. Louis Park, MNSubmitted October 2016

We met with our pet sitter before we left on vacation. She took great notes and was very detailed oriented. We had her come twice a day while we were away and she spent a lot of time with our cats. She sent us awesome emails while we were away and we looked forward to getting our daily email update about our cats. We have used Whiskers To Tails Petsitting many times over the past couple of years and we will continue to use their services in the future.

Gentry W., Arden Hills, MNSubmitted October 2016

Linda did a great job of daily visits for our two cats. We especially liked her daily emails and videos. Great service A++, I would recommend them to anyone!

Chris S., Plymouth, MNSubmitted October 2016

We’ve had three different sitters from Whiskers To Tails at different times, and they have all been good. Our cats like them and they’ve been reliable.

Heidi H., Minneapolis, MNSubmitted October 2016

We are very pleased with the two sitters that have taken care of our cats numerous times.  We feel very confident that they are being taken care of while we are gone.  On occasion our cats have been sick, the sitters have cleaned up a few messes with no traces left that anything happened.  The text messages and video mail are a nice plus.  The billing process online is very simple to do.  My husband and I would surely recommend Whiskers To Tails Petsitting.

Carol A., Maple Grove, MNSubmitted October 2016

I’ve been using Whiskers to Tails for years and continue to use them because they do such an amazing job! Scheduling the services is super simple on their website and I get a response from Linda, the owner, within a few hours with the name of the sitter scheduled and confirming the details. The awesome service continues when the sitter comes and actually spends time with my dogs making sure they get attention and are comfortable while I’m away. Each time they send me text updates with pictures letting me know how the visit went and how everyone is doing. They always make sure I make it home as planned so that the dogs don’t go unattended. I’m always able to schedule the visits no matter the time of year or how busy they are. I’ve used other dog sitting services prior to finding Whiskers to Tails and was always frustrated either by scheduling or lack of communication, but there is a reason I stick with these guys, they’re awesome!

Nicole B., Crystal, MNSubmitted October 2016

My husband and I probably would not travel as much as we do if we did not have Whiskers to Tail Petsitting to watch over our fur babes! The service is excellent; I never worry about my cats or our house! Your cat or dog will be fed on time and will get plenty of attention!

Yelena C., Brooklyn Center, MNSubmitted October 2016

There were two pet sitters. One did the overnights and one did the day time visit. They were both wonderful people and GREAT with my dogs. They came to meet my dogs and get a walk through of everything before I left town. The questionnaire that I filled out for the service was very detailed and thought of everything. The business is very well run and easy to deal with. This is the first time that I have left my dogs with a pet sitting service. In the past I have had friends watch them. It could NOT have gone better. They sent me two emails a day with photos of my dogs and a report of how things were going. One of my dogs is a foster, and has some issues with new people. They had no trouble with him and were very understanding of his issues. I will DEFINITELY use this service again. THEY ARE WONDERFUL!!!!!!!!

Lou A., Robbinsdale, MNSubmitted August 2016

Absolutely the best. They sent videos every day to show my pet was doing well. Knowing my pet is so well taken care of in its own home when I have to travel means the world to me. I rescued Scrubby from a cage and this is now his home. It would break my heart to put him back in a cage. Whiskers To Tails Petsitting took care to not put my pet in jeopardy. I adopted a new cat and he had a respiratory infection from the shelter. In order not to infect her clients, the usual sitter declined and the VP of this company took over and did just an amazing job. I am glad to know my pet will get the same consideration.

Jay A., Fridley, MNSubmitted August 2016

We were overwhelmed trying to juggle life and two growing Labrador puppies who needed exercise and stimulation. Mike, Linda and their staff were lifesavers. They met with us, adapted to our schedules and needs, and kept the pups happy. They never missed an appointment in over a year of their services. As a bonus, our sitters were either college students with animal science curriculum or former trainers, so the pups got training in addition to stimulation. Our lives are simpler now, but I would call Mike and Linda first for dog-sitting needs and would recommend them!

James F., Brooklyn Park, MNSubmitted July 2016

Mike has been walking my two big border collie mix’s for a year and a half every day! This has been the best experience for me and my dogs. He also spends the night when I go out of town and takes care of my cat too. They are so trustworthy and I know my pets get the best care when they are taking care of them. Also, it is less expensive to have someone stay at my house taking care of my pets than boarding them! This is a first class company! In all of this time they have never canceled! They text me to let me know how they are doing! Love this company and Mike!

Tina G., Edina, MNSubmitted June 2016

Whiskers To Tails has been taking care of the terriers who run my home for about three years since I moved to Minneapolis from Chicago. WTTPS team members and Linda and Mike made great friends with two very demanding dogs with various discipline and health needs and managed a demanding situation flawlessly, kindly, and beyond all expectations. Their thoroughness and great affection for dogs comes through in everything they do, including the cool details, like the video and text reports after visits and routine matters like billing and scheduling. Cheerful and enthusiastic endorsement!

Miluska N., Minneapolis, MNSubmitted June 2016

I’ve used Whiskers To Tails four times over the past nine months or so, and I’ve been so pleased with the services. My elderly cat is not always well-mannered–he even bites sometimes, which I disclosed in my new-client paperwork–but Dee is great with him, going the extra mile to encourage play and work on mats in his fur. I love that I can request the same cat sitter each time (again, Dee is the best!), trust her with a set of keys for future cat-sitting dates, and book services and pay my bill online. Definitely recommend!

Amy M., St. Paul, MNSubmitted June 2016

It [the pet sit] went great! From the initial meeting at our home for the sitters to meet our dogs and walk thru our house to see how we cared for them, they were very professional and thorough. The paperwork we filled out for their services was very detailed so that during this initial meeting, it provided a very solid outline of things to cover so that they could be up to speed on our home and also on how we wanted the dogs taken care of. One sitter was assigned to the daytime visits/walks and the other stayed overnight. Both of them were wonderful. We had constant communication from them via emails and texts which included updates of the daily and overnight visits with photos and videos. We couldn’t have asked for more. It was excellent. When we came home, the dogs were happy and relaxed. It was as if we had never left! The house was clean and everything was exactly as we would have wanted it to be. They provided an excellent service, and our dogs handled it all very well.

Carrie L., Orono, MNSubmitted May 2016

I’ve been using Whiskers To Tails services for about two months for dog (2) sitting in my home — noon visits two days a week plus special occasions. The dogs get to go outside and they have someone to play with to break up long, boring days while we’re at work. Sometimes they just want attention and cuddle time. They love the company.

Jackie G., Fridley, MNSubmitted November 2015

I used this cat sitter service twice and have been pleased each time. I believe my cat feels the same. I felt assured that Molly was being taken care of in a loving manner. She was fed, litter box cleaned, and Linda (the owner) was able to groom and play with her. Linda sent pics via telephone so I could see for myself.

Barbara N., Minneapolis, MNSubmitted November 2015

Visited our house four times while we were out of town. Fed three cats, refreshed water bowls, administered medication to one cat, and cleaned the litter box. Played with cats and provided daily text message updates. Fantastic experience! Will definitely use Whiskers To Tails again.

Hanno S., Golden Valley, MNSubmitted October 2015

Excellent service and professionalism was observed. Our pet sitter went above and beyond with the updates on our pets. She let us know how each pet was doing and if there were any concerns. She did an outstanding job of keeping up with cleaning up the messes our pets made while we were gone. She also put out our garbage and gathered our mail. The price is more than reasonable for what services were provided.

Angie B., Maple Grove, MNSubmitted October 2015

I just wanted to take a moment to let you know what an outstanding job Jennifer has done for me. She really went above and beyond when I accidentally locked her out of the house. She notified me immediately and then cheerfully agreed to stay and meet the locksmith, even though it probably put her way behind schedule. It is such a comfort to be able to go out of town and know she’s taking great care of my cat as well as “holding down the fort.” She is a true professional.

Darby A., Maple Grove, MNSubmitted September 2015

Whiskers To Tails Petsitting was amazing! I reached out to get a quote on visits for 4 days and within 1.5 hours was receiving emails about pricing and setting up the visits. They set me up with a sitter who came and met my dogs and asked what my expectations were. Everything went great, and I received regular texts updating me on how my dogs were doing. These guys were great, and I will definitely use them again!

Nicole B., Crystal, MNSubmitted August 2015

They gave our diabetic cat two shots of insulin a day, fed our birds and fish, watered plants, took in mail and brought our garbage to the curb while we were on vacation.

The company was great to work with…very responsive, and Linda quickly located someone to help us on short notice. Very professional. Pet sitter Jennifer did a great job taking care of our home and all of our pets and was very attentive to our demanding cat. Lots of updates and reassuring information and photos, which we appreciated. Would definitely use Whiskers To Tails Petsitting again.

Michael R., Plymouth, MNSubmitted July 2015

Whiskers To Tails Petsitting visited our dog 2 times a day beginning in Feb. 2015 and ending in May 2015. They played with our, dog, walked him, and trained him during his visits.

Our experience with Whiskers To Tails Petsitting was amazing. They were flexible to our needs and the sitter they provided was fantastic. They did a great job communicating how each visit went and our sitter was very willing to help train our dog during visits as well. They also did a good job of having a sitter back-up, so if something came up the appointment was still met; this was also communicated to us very promptly when these situations occurred.

We will definitely use this service again in the future.

Drew O., Blaine, MNSubmitted May 2015

From connecting with the service through their web-site, setting up service dates, meeting with my pet sitter and the care & attention my cats received, overall a great experience using Whiskers To Tails Petsitting.

I have always had friends or family care for my 2 cats while I was out of town. I figured it was time I have a plan B just in case they were not available. I’m particular about how my cats are taken care of so being honest, I was concerned that someone else would not understand my needs or follow through with them. In my pre-meeting with Jennifer, my concerns were quickly resolved. Jennifer really listened to my needs, asked a lot of questions and took detailed notes. During our meeting, I could tell that Jennifer would take care of my cats just as I would. Jennifer sent me daily text messages during her visits letting me know how things were going, that my boys were doing well and were warming up to her just as I hoped they would. Those quick text messages made a big difference in feeling even more comfortable about leaving my cats with a “stranger.” Jennifer won’t be a stranger for long. I plan to use Whiskers To Tails Petsitting services in the future and have already recommended them to friends.

Shelly R., Maple Grove, MNSubmitted May 2015

Whiskers To Tails Petsitting delivers everything they promise. I recommend them.

Stephanie L., Blaine, MNSubmitted April 2015

This was our first time using  a professional cat sitter. It was a great overall experience! Our pet sitter, Jennifer, came to our house to meet the animals and get a rundown of where all the supplies, feeding spots, and litter boxes were kept. She took detailed notes during this meeting, and this resulted in there being no follow-up questions while we were away as to what she had to do while we were gone.

We highly recommend Whiskers To Tails Petsitting and will definitely use them again!

Russell A., Maple Grove, MNSubmitted March 2015

Outstanding x 2

Debra J., Plymouth, MNSubmitted January 2015

Three days before leaving on an 11 day vacation our usual cat sitter cancelled on us. I checked Angie’s list and saw the wonderful reviews for Whiskers to Tails. At 6PM on a Friday evening I called and Linda answered the phone and said that if she couldn’t find someone to come in every day she would personally do it herself. By the end of the evening Linda had emailed me all of the forms and Jennifer had called and we scheduled a meeting for the following afternoon.

Saturday we met and went over the forms and details of caring for Heidi. She is a very timid cat and avoids strangers by spending her time under the living room couch.  When her routine is disturbed she tends to not eat very well.  Jennifer understood and said that she would check on her, but not try to coax her out. I appreciated that. Every other day Jennifer texted me letting me know how Heidi was doing and how much she had been eating. I will certainly call Whiskers to Tails in the future. They really came through for us when we were in a bind.

Darlene S., Maple Grove, MNSubmitted February 2015

They were very quick to respond to any emails and after the initial booking our sitter Jennifer came to the house to meet our cat Sami, get the house key and go over any details she needed to know while we were gone.  We asked for 2 videos and we received 3 which was a nice surprise. Sami was playing and purring in the videos and I could tell Jennifer took good care of her. We did not worry at all while we were on vacation. They provide a wonderful service!

Katie P., St. Louis Park, MNSubmitted Feb. 1, 2015

Mike from Whiskers To Tails has cared for our 2 cats several times while we’ve been gone – from short weekend trips to long vacations. I’ve been extremely happy with their service! The videos are a daily treat for us to watch, and I’ve also received emails and text updates. They were very quick to respond to me if I had any questions, too.

One of my cats is quite anxious, and I’ve come to learn that she really, really dislikes strangers. Mike has dealt beautifully with her personality, learning what he can/can’t do and keeping a sense of humor with it all. I also appreciate that he keeps her little “fits” in the videos, so I can see what she does, since she’s completely different with strangers. This will help us tremendously going forward. We did an extensive search for a good cat sitter in our area, and I’m very happy we found Whiskers To Tails!

Billie Jo P., Minneapolis, MNSubmitted January 2015

We had a fantastic experience with Whiskers to Tails Petsitting! Jennifer was extremely professional and our cat loved her daily visits. It made our travel a lot less stressful knowing our kitty was in good hands. We will definitely use again.

Amy W., Maple Grove, MNSubmitted January 2015

Whiskers to Tails checked on my cats while I was out of town for the holidays. They helped with feeding them and playing with them daily and offered to help with light household items including mail, taking out trash, etc. Service was fantastic! The sitter was always prompt to our meetings and very easy to get a hold of.

The “pre-sit consultation” was great and made me feel as though my pets would be cared for by true professionals committed to caring for animals. The daily “Tail Mail” emails with videos were also a nice touch and were always fun to look forward to. All in all, they are a fantastic service and I look forward to using them again.

James V., St. Louis Park, MNSubmitted December 2014

Whiskers to Tails is AWESOME! The care and communication provided was first-class. Our dog thinks she has a new best friend!

Wendy C., Minneapolis, MNSubmitted October 2014

Cared for our sweet pooch while we were away for the weekend. Played fetch with him and took him on walks with gross weather and all. I got daily updates and pics. He was happy and well cared for. They are a great service, and I totally trusted them in my house with our pup.:) It went wonderfully and was helpful to know he was in good hands. Lots of fetch, walks, and cuddles. 🙂

Molly H., Minneapolis, MNSubmitted October 2014

We had a terrific experience with Jennifer from Whiskers To Tails Petsitting. We were in Minneapolis for several days from out of town and used their service. Jennifer came to our hotel as needed to take our dog out and feed him. He can be a bit “standoffish” at first with strangers, but she took her time with him and he warmed up to her very quickly.

We also appreciated that she was willing to meet us at the hotel shortly after we arrived to get a key, discuss the c meet our dog. Everything went smoothly, and she sent an update via text after every visit. I would highly recommend this service and will definitely use them again if/when we are in the area again with our dog.

Marcia B., Racine, WISubmitted Sept. 2014

WTTPS was hired for 6 days of pet sitting for 2 cats. If desired,  they’ll send text messages, pictures, and/or videos of the animals as often as you want. Pet owners always miss their pets when traveling, so the personal contact is absolutely refreshing. The cats’ litter boxes were left clean and the floor swept. Nothing was out of place. I knew my cats were getting as much personal attention as they wanted.

Barb I., Blaine, MNSubmitted Sept. 2014

The service was great. I received an email daily as I requested with lots of details and also a video. The pet sitter was thorough and took time to play and interact with pets while I was on vacation. Everything was neat, and the cats were much calmer than when I have been gone previously. Overall, I liked the service and would use it again.

Tara R., Plymouth, MNSubmitted Aug. 2014

One of the best customer service experiences we have ever had in any category. Extremely confidence-inspiring that our pets were well cared for.

Dawn H., Hanover, MNSubmitted Aug. 2014

This company is the best of the best! I have used them four times in the past year for various trips, and they always take such great care of my animals. My pets know if Cris is coming to take care of them and don’t get upset when I leave. Cris always updates me of her visits and what occurred. She has taken on grooming them, giving medications, taking care of my dog when she had a broken leg in addition to everyday feelings, walks and play times.

The company has even been flexible when I needed them last minute. They are flexible, trustworthy and reasonable. I would recommend them to anyone any day of the week.

Lynley R., Eden Prairie, MNSubmitted July 2014

Came to home, took shoes off before walking on carpet! Took dogs out for bathroom break, played with them and made sure they were secured in their room before leaving. Super!

Cathy G. in Osseo, MN

It went great. It was nice to know our pets were being visited at least twice a day and they received some attention. Jennifer did a great job giving us daily updates on how things were going.

Gentry W. in Arden Hills, MN

GREAT!!! I have used Whiskers To Tails Petsitting several times, and will continue to use them every time I go out of town. Linda is always prompt in her emails and I have never had trouble reserving the dates that I want. Prices are very reasonable for the services.

Emily P. in Minneapolis, MN

WTTPS staff are amazing! They are always prompt, have not missed one scheduled appointment and always send me a text telling me how their visit went. I recommend them highly!

Beth R. in Brooklyn Park, MN

My cats accepted Jennifer immediately and I felt completely relaxed the entire time I was away. We talked on the phone when I returned. She is wonderful.

Susan P. in Blaine, MN

Linda was very nice and professional and I felt 100% comfortable knowing she was in my home and with my pets while I was out of the country.

Tiffany T. in Minneapolis, MN

I cannot say enough about the excellent, compassionate, loving care Linda gave our cats and what a blessing she and her company have been.

Jill W. in Brooklyn Park, MN

Mr. Mike is great, and our dog loves him. Getting to see the video of your pet acting normal while you are away is very reassuring.

Julie J. in Plymouth, MN

WTTPS is professional and very reliable, which provides great peace of mind when we’re away. We’ve been WTTPS customers for three years and have never been disappointed.

Stephan P. in Minneapolis, MN

I’ve hired Linda to look after my cat numerous times over the past several years and always been delighted with her work. My cat has also been pleased-she is always well-adjusted and not shedding upon my return.

Kristin G. in Minneapolis, MNhttps://

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