Linda 9-6-15 015 Bark Park Expo Logo Whiskers To Tails Petsitting had a booth at the recent Bark Park Dog Expo at the Environmental Nature Area in Brooklyn Park, MN. This was the first annual event at Brooklyn Park’s newest outdoor dog park on West River Road across the street from the Coon Rapids Dam.

The event, held on Saturday, Sept. 12, had perfect weather, and the crowds showed up as a result. We were literally busy interacting with pets and their owners from the start at noon to the very end at 3 p.m. For us it was an amazing turnout!

Other pet-oriented businesses and rescue and adoption organizations had booths there as well.

As an exhibitor, I was struck by the number and variety of dogs that visited the park that day. As I talked with pet owners, I foundOlder dog to adopt that many of these dogs were adopted from shelters and rescue organizations. That’s encouraging as we all know many dogs, cats and other small animals are euthanized when not adopted into forever homes.

The third week of September is designated as Adopt a Less-Adoptable-Pet Week, and there are plenty of animals for pet adoption. There is a website with more information about how to adopt less-than-adoptable pets and where to find them:

Less adoptable pets include:

  • Senior pets
  • Adult cats
  • Pets with special needs
  • Less desirable breeds such as Pit Bulls

According to a survey done by Petfinder, these “less-adoptable” pets wait for a home nearly four times longer than the average adoptable pet does — sometimes more than two years!

If your family is looking to add a pet, think first about the “less adoptable pets.” According to Colleen Paige, longtime animal advocate, “In every heart, there is a hole. In every shelter, there is love in which to fill it.”

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