We realize in the world of pet sitting that not all our pet sitters will stay with us for the long haul. It’s a rewarding job but doesn’t always satisfy a person’s higher calling.

Our pet sitter Kathryn Krause has a strong passion to serve people. That’s why she’s been pet sitting for us for several months. She also has a degree in horticulture landscape design and came to us to fill in the gap during fall and winter when landscaping jobs grow scarce.

“Pet sitting was one of the first jobs I ever had as a kid and have always loved it,” she wrote in her job application. And she has been a reliable sitter while working for several of our clients in the south Minneapolis area. However, she recently made a decision that involves risking her future carreer, financial security, personal comfort and safety.

According to Kathryn’s account in a recent letter, she will participate in a year-long missions trip called The World Race and will travel to and live in 11 different Central and South American countries. That will involve living with what she can carry on her back and traveling with 6-7 others to serve people.

Some of what she may be doing: building homes, leading church services, visiting orphanages, talking with sex-trafficking victims, teaching English and other community services. “I am most looking forward to living in a very authentic and real way and sharing my life and the love given to me with other people,” she says.

Until her assignment starts at the end of this year, she will continue to pet sit for us. I know her clients and their pets will miss her, but this appears to be Kathryn’s way of answering that inner voice telling her to do more.

We wish her luck and safe going. To learn more about Kathryn’s story and The World Race, visit her blog: kathrynkrause.theworldrace.org.

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